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What is K-LIS.com?

K-LIS is a Legal Information System Designed Specifically for Kansas Lawyers and their Legal Assistants.  Think of K-LIS.com as a pushbutton mini-mart or convenience store for information that Lawyers need at their fingertips all the time!

What can K-LIS.com do for me?

As Lawyers, we spend most of our time under deadlines and in a hurry.  When you are in a hurry, you don't go to a giant discount store and wade through hundreds of people to get one item do you?  No, you go to a corner mini-mart or convenience store.  Well, K-LIS.com is your one-stop convenience store for obtaining quick access to relevant statues, sample pleadings, related articles and key cases categorized by the specific area of the law that you want to look at RIGHT NOW!

Sound Intriguing?  Read on:

K-LIS Provides it's Subscriber Attorneys with 24 hour a day access, from any web browser, to Legal Information Organized in the Way that Attorneys Think (as opposed to the way that programmers think), all at a low monthly cost of $50.00 per month.

It's like having your own Law Office Intranet without paying for employees and equipment to build it and then paying monthly for a web-hosting service to maintain it!

Let's say that you have a client that has a question about an adoption and a question about a criminal matter that involves a suppression issue.  You can answer all of your client's questions by typing in www.k-lis.com into any web browser connected to the Internet and login using your username and password.  Once logged in, you then use your mouse to click on the Probate button and once there, click on the Adoption button and then scan the page for the information related to your client's adoption question.  The links, sample pleadings, key cases and other related information available on the Adoption page will either provide you with the answer right away, or will give you a great start toward researching or pinpointing the exact information you need to provide your client with good, sound legal advice.

Then, in order to answer your client's criminal question regarding the suppression issue, merely press the home button from the Adoption page and then press the Criminal button from the home page and then press the Misd & Felony button which will take you to links regarding criminal law issues, including at least 5 sample Motions and over 25 key cases relating to suppression issues alone.

If You Become a Subscriber Attorney, You Will Have Access to the Same Information from Any Computer with Internet Access, Anytime (as long as you know your Username and Password)!

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